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Day after plane crashed near Smolensk Polish community gathered to mourn victims

sm02Author: BILL MAH Journal Staff Writer EDMONTON
Original Source: Edmonton Journal
Published on April 11th, 2010

`We need to be together in this hard time’ – Edmonton’s close-knit Polish community gathers to mourn plane crash victims.
Hundreds of mourners surrounded the front steps of Edmonton’s Polish Hall Sun-day evening, praying and singing hymns to remember Poland’s president Lech Kaczynski and 96 others who perished in a weekend plane crash. Holding candles, flowers and flags of red and white — Poland’s national colours —they huddled against the cold for a moment of silence around a makeshift memorial on the front steps. Mourners placed red and white roses and votive candles around framed photographs of Kaczynski and his wife, Maria, who also died in the crash.
“I feel devastated,” said Dorota Kus, who lit eight votive candles at the base of a metal torch monument on the grounds nearby. It eased the pain to mourn with others at the candlelight vigil, she said. “We can feel together and grieve together and it helps in healing.” Clutching a Polish soccer scarf, Ted Dunaj said it was important for Edmonton’s Polish community to gather. “We all need to be together in this hard time. It’s even to show the Polish nation that everyone’s supporting them and to show that we’re thinking of them,” Dunaj said. “We have to come together before we can really start healing as a community,” said Robert Opara, vice-president of the University of Alberta Poiski Klub, which organized the candlelight vigil. Opara, a first-generation Canadian whose parents came to Canada about 20 years ago, said, “The Polish community here in Edmonton is very tight-knit and we’re very connected with our homeland Poland as well. All Polish people around the world have been affected by this.” Kaczynski died Saturday when his air-plane, carrying senior officials and VIPs, crashed in its attempt to land in fog near Smolensk in Russia. The delegation was en route to the Katyn forest glades to commemorate the 70th anniversary of a massacre of Polish prison-ers of war.
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Narodowy Spis Powszechny Ludności i Mieszkań

W Polsce przeprowadzony jest w dniach Narodowy Spis Powszechny Ludności i Mieszkań. W spisie muszą wziąć udział również stali mieszkańcy Polski przebywający w czasie spisu zagranicą.
Zgodnie z ustawą z dnia 30 marca 2021 r. o zmianie ustawy o narodowym spisie powszechnym ludności i mieszkań w 2021 r. (Dz. U. poz. 615) termin realizacji spisu został wydłużony do 30 września 2021 r.
Szczegółowe informacje dot. spisu, w tym link do wzięcia w nim udziału, dostępne są na stronie . Dostępna jest tam też do pobrania ulotka informacyjna – . Podany jest również numer infolinii dot. Spisu: 22 279 99 99.

Osoby przebywające zagranicą mogą wziąć udział w spisie przez internet (jest to najprostszy sposób wzięcia udziału) lub za pomocą ww. infolinii.

Bottle Drive Fundraiser dla Polskiej Szkoły w Edmonton

Dear members and friends of our ⁣⁣beloved St. Basil School.⁣⁣⁣⁣

It is with great excitement we invite you to part-take⁣in our upcoming Bottle Drive Fundraiser.⁣

⁣⁣⁣During these unprecedented times⁣ ⁣we anticipate this initiative to raise funds⁣ for our school’s programs, activities and events⁣⁣will help inspire feelings of hope and community.  ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Each year our Fundraising Society raises money⁣from which proceeds are used to help support things like⁣our bilingual program⁣⁣children’s events and activities⁣⁣cultural and creative initiatives ⁣⁣that support growth and development⁣⁣in addition to the already abundant educational resources our teachers provide.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Not only does this fundraising opportunity allow us to teach our children about community⁣⁣. it helps engage them through education and understanding of recycling!⁣⁣⁣⁣

We thank you in advance for your contributions and efforts.⁣⁣⁣⁣#yegbottledrive ⁣⁣#StBasilECSD ⁣⁣#ECSDFaithinspires ⁣⁣#yegfortroadbottledepot ⁣⁣#yegkidsrecycling#poloniaedmonton

Regards, The St. Basil School Parent Fundraising Society

Polish combatant, Joseph Kiryluk celebrates 100 years!

March 14, 2021 was a big day for an Edmonton family – the day Joseph Kiryluk turned 100 years old.

“He’s one of four remaining combatants that actually took part in the war. We had, our membership used to be over 500 now it’s dwindling pretty quickly,” said Henry Lang, president of the Polish Combatants Association Branch No. 6 Edmonton.

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Wspomnienia po Walter Gretzky, CM, OOnt (October 8, 1938 – March 4, 2021)

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Walter Gretzky Honoured with the Gold Polish Combatants’ Cross

The WWII Polish Combatants’ Association’s national conference was hosted by the local Combatant’s Br#4 at the Polish Hall on Pearl St. over the August 2nd weekend. This three-day conference drew people from across Canada, Poland, United States and England.

The PCA was conceived in 1946 and it’s the first time in 73 years that Brantford has been chosen to host it. We were also honoured to have WWII veterans and survivors present at the conference, including many VIP’s.

Last year the Polish community celebrated the 100th anniversary of Polish freedom in 1918, post WWI. This year on September 1st, will mark 80 years since Nazi Germany attacked Poland, followed two weeks later by Communist Russia.

Canada, at the outbreak of WWI, came to Poland’s defense immediately. Due to this and many other reasons, both Canada and Poland have shared a unique and connected relationship for many years.

We felt that this conference was an appropriate time to acknowledge Walter Gretzky’s Polish lineage and his ongoing support and contribution to veterans of all nations.

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