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children anti-bullying lessons, little-ninja program
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The YAMA-Dojo Edmonton (Lago Lindo/Eaux Claires) offers professional and exclusive Program (in Polish and English) which combines the main core of Bu-jutsu (Martial Arts of the samurai) training with highly specialized practical self-defense in: Aiki-jujutsu, Tai-jutsu, Aikido, Iaido, Ken-jutsu, Tameshi-giri (samurai sword cutting exercises), Jo-do (Staff fighting), traditional Archery, Tanto and Shuriken-jutsu, with body/mind/spirit approach to the conflict resolution topped off by an Empowering Personal Development Program and Leadership skills!
Our program includes also classes for children, youth, and women. We specialize in self-defense courses and seminars; Anti-bullying “Peaceful-warrior” program combined with non-violent, non-aggressive philosophy.